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Shopping For Lanyards? Watch Out For Hidden Charges - When you're shopping for custom lanyards for your business, school or other organization, you'll quickly discover that there are many places out there offering lanyards for sale. Most of them will claim to have the lowest prices possible. But what's the real story on pricing? To really get the best deal, you need to know what to look for when you're choosing a lanyard supplier.

Lanyards - Not Just For I.D. Badges Anymore! - Lanyards are not exactly a high-profile item in the business world. Most people are used to wearing them to carry I.D. badges and key cards in the workplace. But properly equipped, lanyards can be surprisingly versatile for carrying other things as well.

Custom Lanyards - A Natural Part Of The Mix - With so many different ways to promote businesses and other organizations and causes in the world today, it's easy to get lost in the options. Do you want print advertising? Billboards? Direct mail? Broadcast? Blog, website or social media?

Different types of lanyards
We offer a wide variety of custom printed lanyards for you to choose from. We also have a wide assortment of FREE and additional charge attachments.

Custom Lanyards vs Badge Reels - When shopping for ways to display and carry I.D. badges, key cards and other small items, the choice between lanyards and badge reels is not always obvious. Both have distinct advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately it comes down to the setting in which they are used.

Market While Working - Lanyards have a long and colorful history, from military use to fashion statement. Today's lanyards are a convenient way to keep identification, pens, and other small items close at hand. Modern lanyards, worn by millions worldwide, are a simple way to get a marketing or branding message out. Often used to keep name badges, key cards, USB drives and other important items conveniently available to the wearer, lanyards also can carry a message.

What's a Lanyard? - Lanyards are everywhere. Used by schools, businesses, government agencies and other organizations for displaying id cards. Recent security concerns have dictated their use in more and more public places. In addition to id cards, lanyards are being used for carrying cell phones, keys, pens, lip balm, water bottles and other small objects while keeping the hands free. Custom imprinted lanyards with names, logos and messages are great economical advertising vehicles and are being used by many companies, organizations and individuals.

Lanyard Making: Materials, Hardware, Instructions and Machinery - Lanyard making for fun and profit is steadily increasing in popularity as evidenced by the growing number of commercial websites devoted to lanyards and lanyard supplies. This very simple device for carrying small objects, such as, id cards, pens, cell phones etc. is complicated by the wide variety of materials, hardware options and imprinting methods available. Here we sort it all out for those looking to purchase lanyards for an event or gathering information for starting a lanyard selling business.

Custom Printed Neck Lanyards: From A to Z - Custom printed neck lanyards provide a relatively inexpensive means for advertising your name, logo or message while serving a useful function. Used to carry everything from id cards and name badges to cell phones and keys, neck lanyards are quickly becoming an indispensable part of our everyday lives and special events.

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The Ubiquitous Badge Reel: From The Class Room To The Board Room - For many years lanyards have been the id holder of choice by many schools, businesses and government agencies. However, increasing safety concerns surrounding the wearing of neck lanyards as well as comfort issues has initiated a search for an alternative id holder. The diminutive badge reel which is worn on clothing rather than around the neck has been the answer for many of these organizations.

- Article by Scott Shenkel