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Market While Working

Lanyards have a long and colorful history, from military use to fashion statement. Today's lanyards are a convenient way to keep identification, pens, and other small items close at hand. Modern lanyards, worn by millions worldwide, are a simple way to get a marketing or branding message out. Often used to keep name badges, key cards, USB drives and other important items conveniently available to the wearer, lanyards also can carry a message.

The word lanyard has nautical roots dating back hundreds of years, first used as a term for a rope used to secure something on a ship. But by the late 1800s, the term had morphed to include a piece of cord or fabric used to secure a knife, whistle or other item to one's person. Contemporary lanyards are available in a variety of materials, printing styles and colors to suit virtually any need. Blank lanyards are available for those who just want a simple, useful device with a professional appearance.

For those who want something more, custom lanyards can be modified to showcase a business or cause, display a political affiliation or proclaim a corporate value to employees, volunteers and the public. Camouflage-patterned lanyards in desert, green or other colors, are great for blending in - or standing out. Either blank or with a message, camo lanyards feature dye sublimated ink infused through the polyester lanyard, making it the least likely to fade.

Common lanyard materials include polyester, woven, nylon and tubular. Each type offers unique characteristics best suited for particular applications. Made of a tube-stitched polyester similar to a shoelace, tubular lanyards are the most economical option The clean look of a silk screened design is printed onto the tubular material. Polyester is the most popular lanyard material, offering high value and performance at a reasonable cost. The desired message or logo is silk screened onto the polyester, offering clear detail and design. Woven lanyards use the same high-quality material, but instead of silk screening, design and text are woven with thread into the lanyard. Woven lanyards offer a professional look for a relatively simple message, but cannot legibly reproduce intricate designs.
- Article by Scott Shenkel