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Custom Lanyards or Badge Reels? It Really Depends On Your Needs

When shopping for ways to display and carry I.D. badges, key cards and other small items, the choice between lanyards and badge reels is not always obvious. Both have distinct advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately it comes down to the setting in which they are used.

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Lanyards are a great way to solve the problem of how to carry I.D. badges and other items. Most people find them easy to wear, they weigh little and they can be custom printed with a promotional text or logo as well.

Custom attachments allow lanyards to carry objects such as ear protectors, pens or cell phones. For applications in which lanyards could be snagged in machinery, grabbed or caught on fixtures, safety breakaway devices are available as a free option. These reusable devices are designed to pop in half, allowing the lanyard to be pulled away from the wearer before he or she can be injured.

Lanyards do have disadvantages in some applications. Medical personnel and food service employees, for example, don't want to have their I.D. tags dangling over patients or into food. In some potentially high-risk environments, organizations choose not to trust employee safety to lanyards' breakaway devices. In those applications, badge reels are the devices of choice.

Badge reels have disadvantages over lanyards in other respects. They tend to be heavier than lanyards, depending on whether they're made of plastic or metal. They are limited in their ability to carry items such as pens and cell phones. If they are imprinted with a custom message, it's likely to be smaller than those printed on custom lanyards. And badge reels generally are more expensive than their lanyard counterparts.

For the most part, the choice between badge reels and lanyards comes down to the job at hand and personal preference. All other circumstances being equal, some people will just have a preference for one or the other.

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