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Lanyards: Not Just For I.D. Badges Anymore!

Lanyards are not exactly a high-profile item in the business world. Most people are used to wearing them to carry I.D. badges and key cards in the workplace. But properly equipped, lanyards can be surprisingly versatile for carrying other things as well.

Just about everyone is familiar with the sight of lanyards worn around the necks of office workers, retail clerks, factory employees and even students. The vast majority of the time, these lanyards hold I.D. badges necessary for workplace or school security. But the versatility of lanyards allows them to be used for many other purposes, often even at the same time.

For example, lanyards can help with workplace safety, by keeping needed safety gear such as ear protectors or safety goggles close at hand. With no need to search for them, and less risk of losing them, such safety items are much more likely to be used when necessary.

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With the proper attachment, lanyards also are great for holding cell phones. They make the phone easy to get to, and reduce the risk of losing it. They also can be used to hold cameras, audio recorders, even small tools such as wrenches or screwdrivers.

Lanyards are especially well suited for tasks where a dropped tool could fall into a machine or off a catwalk. The lanyard keeps the tool ready for use while preventing it from being lost.

Another helpful lanyard use, especially in outdoor or high-temperature indoor environments is holding water bottles. Lanyards with attachments for holding water bottles help keep employees hydrated and productive in hot environments.

Lanyards can be adapted to carry pens, notepads or just about any type of small object. The uses are as individual as the person wearing them.

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